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Edison Restaurant at Cascades Park

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Project Description:
The project consisted of the historic renovation of the City of Tallahassee’s former Electrical Utility Building, in addition to the new construction of a restaurant in and about the existing building, to be titled “The Edison.” The kitchen will occupy 25’ of the westernmost side of the one-story split level, with the majority of seating and bar area to be located on the upper floor of the eastern second level. The lowest level, on the east side of the building, will contain a catering kitchen to serve the lower patio. The lower level will be designed to open up to the lower patio using the three existing open fenestrations and one bricked-up fenestration available. The lower patio is to have as much hardscape deck area as practical, while the upstairs main seating floor is to have a supported deck mainly to the east side, and wrapping around the north side.

This scope of work assumed the building had been thoroughly tested and abated of all deleterious substances, either man-made or naturally occurring, that the building was structurally sound, and did not require any retrofitting above the alterations described in the scope of work.

Project Type: Historic Renovation
Construction Budget: $2,400,000
Completion Date: December 2015